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Between a NATO strap and a leather strap. The Odysseía strap is a bracelet that brings together the best of both worlds. You benefit from the advantages of NATO, absolute spontaneity and security during your adventures, while retaining the characteristics of high quality leather, i.e. a patina that will appear over time.

The Odysseía strap will give you a taste for the quest in your next adventures!

Certainly the Odysseía strap bracelet is intended to be more spontaneous but we have not neglected quality. You will find the same requirements that we have in terms of manufacturing, i.e., manufacturing carried out by hand in the Geneva workshop with which we have worked since the beginning, excellent quality leathers as well as attention to detail on each part. of the room.

The denim blue color brings that little touch of sportiness and modernity that will go perfectly with your most beautiful tool watch.

A soft and light leather that will fit your wrist perfectly and provide incomparable ease. In our opinion, this is the perfect flexibility when it comes to leather straps.


  • Denim blue calfskin
  • Pin buckle with satin or hand-polished finish
  • Size S (220mm) / M (230mm) / L (240mm)
  • Handmade in Geneva
  • Between lugs from 16 to 24mm
  • WatchArch logo as well as the words “FAIT MAIN GENEVE” and SWISS MADE are placed on the bracelet

The bracelets will be delivered per order, within 10 working days.

Size guide: Jonas & Alexis have a wrist of approximately 17cm and wear a size S bracelet.

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