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The PHUSIS Watch Roll

The PHUSIS Watch Roll is an invitation to travel, to nature and to the inevitable process of change…

Life is a river in which we must let ourselves flow!

Transposed to the object, PHUSIS understands that it will inevitably be subject to change and as well as chaos... He who says he is will become!

An object designed for adventure and for the pleasure of the eyes!

This PHUSIS Watch Roll was designed to be both flexible for efficiency and spontaneity for traveling light, not too large, since once rolled up, we are on a cylinder of approximately 9 cm in diameter and 15 cm in width. width !

But we wanted a real feeling of robustness and rigidity to the touch so as not to simply have an object ready for adventure but an object that could fit perfectly into an interior decoration, on a desk for example.

An object you can be proud of!

In addition to its design and its finishes which make this Watch Roll PHUSIS unique, it is a product which is entirely designed and manufactured 100% by hand in Geneva, by men and women experts in the creation leather objects designed for watchmaking!

An object, which, when we hold it in our hands, gives us a feeling of quality and pride!

You will have understood, it is an object of rare quality resulting from real craftsmanship that we have as much pleasure in taking with us on our adventures as in placing it comfortably, rolled or unrolled at home!

In summary !

  • Handmade in Geneva with "rebordered" finish.
  • “Burgundy” colored calfskin.
  • Lining in nubuck calfskin, anthracite gray color.
  • 4 locations to store your watches.
  • 4 leather tabs to protect your watches.
  • WatchArch logo placed in the center of the Watch Roll.
  • Produced in batches of 15 copies.

The Watch Rolls will be delivered per order, within 10 working days.

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