WatchArch Cleaning Kit


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WatchArch cleaning kit manufactured by the Swiss company Keller trading, leader in watch cleaning products since 1989!

The kit is composed of a “Haute couture” cloth measuring 25cm by 25cm. It is designed in a way that leaves no marks or scratches behind! So much so, that our logo is applied using water-based paint… it’s all in the detail!

You will also find an anti-reflective product with a capacity of 25ml. The spray product is in an aluminum bottle, so it can be reused later with, for example, a mixture of water and Marseille soap or simply recycled in aluminum! The idea, once again, is to ensure a second life for the product.

And just like the cloth, the e liquid, both products are manufactured by experts in the field, in Canada!

Two skills in the same kit!

Believe us, when you hold this “Made in Canada” cloth for the first time, the sensations and its thickness will no longer make you see the world of cloth in the same way…

*Non-refundable item.